Curtis Park

Known for its charming vintage homes including Victorian, Bungalow, and 1920s revival style subdivisions.

Quick facts
Curtis Park is a quaint, family-centered residential neighborhood known for its Craftsman bungalows and Tudor Revival homes.
The 24th Street Theatre, built in 1929, hosts plays, concerts, and comedy performances
The neighborhood’s namesake park has a jogging trail, tennis courts, and hosts summer concerts, Crab Fest and local arts and crafts sale.
On a typical day you can find neighbors spending time with their dogs at the park, relaxing in the shade provided Sac’s many lush trees on a hot summer day, or bundled up enjoying a walk in the crisp winter air.
Grabbing a beer or apps with friends, head over toPangaea for a hip, yet unassuming atmosphere
Sweet tooth, try the Real Pie Company for something warm, or maybe something cold Gunther Ice Cream one of Sacramento’s long standing staples and a must even if just visiting.

I personally choose to call Curtis Park home, and am very excited for what the future holds. In this community, I found my neighbors to take great pride in the quality and care they of their homes.

For more information about the neighborhood can be obtained from the Sierra Curtis Park neighborhood association

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Curtis Park Featured Properties

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