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I think we all can agree that 2020 has been a year… A year of incredible design trends that is! 

We all know trends are forever changing and this year is no exception.

The ‘Unkitchen’ kitchen

I hear you say, what is the ‘Unkitchen’ kitchen? Well, it integrates small elements of the rest of the home, such as bespoke cabinetry or a beautiful runner. It merges the kitchen into the rest of the living space. 

Curves and Arches 

It is no secret I love my curves and arches! Arches work in modern homes and traditional homes because they add a feminine touch and create softness in spaces otherwise filled with hard surfaces. They also have a bit of an old world feel to them and I personally think they just create warmth and character in the home. 


Who loves paneling! I love paneling! It is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to give a house architectural depth without knocking down any existing walls. They have become increasingly popular for people trying to create the Hamptons look because the vertical lines create length and height making the home appear more modern. Add em to your lounge room, hallway, kitchen or even living space!

Fake plants!

Yep – I said it, meant it, here to represent it! Fake plants are the way to go if you’re wanting to create an inviting space that feels light and welcoming. Think olive plants, fiddle leaf figs, cactus and trailing pothos. Faux plants are low maintenance and when styled with the right accessories can make a room pop! Check out Adairs for some real looking faux plants!

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