About Me

My Goal as a REALTORĀ® and loan Officer is to help guide You on one of the many rewarding paths real estate can offer. In 2012 I was able to accomplish a huge goal, purchasing my first home. From this, I quickly discovered the innumerable freedoms that owning a home afford me.

For me and many others, this home didn’t/ and doesn’t just represent an address on the map, to me it was/ and will always be:

  • Where I was able to provide for myself and 2 of my closest friends, a place to call home
  • Where I created many unforgettable moments with family during the holidays and friends on our birthdays
  • It Eventually became a rental property
  • A source of equity that afforded me the ability to confidently buy my next home
  • Is an investment that will be a source of passive income for the rest of my life

Everything that I’ve done with this home is just one of the paths of Real estate. Little did I know, back in 2012 how much this home would change my life in ways I never thought possible. For example, this journey is what sparked my passion in helping and educating others on the benefits, and many intriguing aspects of Real Estate and Finance.

Before becoming an Agent and Lender, I studied locally at Sacramento State University. There I earned my Bachelors in Business Finance and my Master’s in Business Entrepreneurship and Global Business. It would be my pleasure to help and guide you in any way I can. So contact me with any and all questions!

The Team